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The Trojan War
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The Greeks versus The Trojans

The Trojan War was a vicious, ten-year-long battle between the Trojans and the Greeks. According to The Iliad, the war was fought over a woman, Helen. Helen was the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. Paris was the alleged abductor of Helen, though she may have gone willingly. Much that is known of the war is simply mythological. The start, it is believed, may have occurred of economic reasons, not over Helen.

Possible Trojan Horse

The Trojan War, regardless of its mythological information, did happen.  The ten-year-war raged on with no clear victor in sight.  The Greeks attacked Troy directly along with its neighboring regions.  They did this to cut off Troy's supply lines.  The walls of Troy would not fall.  The Greeks killed the Trojan's hero, Hector, and they destroyed some of the Trojan's allies, but the walls stayed up.  Much to the Greek's dismay, their great hero, Achilles, was killed at the hands of Paris.  The Greeks were told by a prophet to do many outlandish things, such as use Hercules' bow and arrow in the war and steal a statue of Athena, in order to win the war.  They did all of these in hopes of victory. 
Odysseus finally won the war for the Greeks.  With a clever ruse, he allowed the Greeks to infiltrate the walls of Troy in the dead of night.  His shrewd plan was the Trojan Horse.  This was a large wooden horse that was filled with Greek soldiers.  The horse was presented as a gift to the Trojans, and they accepted it.  The Greeks sprang their trap and finally defeated the Trojans.

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